WinGDOES 5.4

WinGDOES has been developed by Spectruma and is a user friendly software control program for the GDA - series instruments. The new software version 5.4 is based on its predecessor version 5.3, extending it by new features and improvements.

The lack of driver support for quite some of our legacy spectrometers and components enabled us to implement some simplifications because the corresponding options could be dropped from the entire 5.x series. Besides numerous small improvements and enhancements in all parts of the application, the removal of no longer used programme functions, and the constant integration of new features supporting newly introduced or improved instrument components, there are the following outstanding features in the new version:

  • Raw Data Filter: Besides the simple Moving Average, there is now also a weighted Moving Average available.
  • Depth Profiling Overlays now more comfortable: Handling of the overlays has been improved in various places, especially the shift of the curves among each other, adjusting the graph, and the selection of channels for overlaying.
  • Adding CCD Channels in the vicinity of 200 nm is now more comfortable since the calibration properties of the corresponding chip are now better taken into consideration.
  • Improved Type Correction. After a type correction, a new normalisation to 100 % is performed if applicable. An additive type recalibration for contents in the trace range is possible.
  • Improvements for screens with high resolution.

WinGDOES 5.3

WinGDOES 5.3 can be installed with little effort. Your existing data can be easily imported and used.

Key features of WinGDOES 5.3 are:

  • Adapting to current instrument generations: Enhanced performance by faster reading of the instrument information. The selection of the CCD integration times has been optimised for the instruments improved in the meantime. The readout speed of CCD spectra has been raised so that more data are obtained in the same time frame.
  • Avoiding operator errors: Method settings incompatible with the instrument are better indicated. Signal checking for calibration, recalibration, and bulk measurements can help to detect incorrect measurements automatically.
  • Overlay Functions: You can define a custom colour sequence to be used instead of the default one.
  • Staying up to date more easily: When you are connected to the internet, WinGDOES is able to check in certain time intervals whether a more recent version is available. You may download it then with only a few clicks.