Service & Support

- After sales is before the beginning of a long collaboration -

Worldwide, the name Spectruma is known for comprehensive support and competent, reliable service, before and after sale. Our aim is to provide you at any time and in any place with the best possible support.

Our qualified employees from the areas of application, technical service and support will be pleased to answer your questions. Please use our support platform for all such inquiries.

In particular, training programs tailored for you and your staff are offered to maximize the use of the possibilities of your device.

To preserve your investment, our competent service team will accompany you over the entire life of your instrument.

In case of capacity bottlenecks in your lab, our applications lab likes to take over the necessary measurements of your bulk and depth profile analyses. More information can be found here.

Find out more about the services in our Spectruma Service brochure.