Aircrafts and Spacecrafts

As the air traffic will approximately double within the next 20 years, the ecological and economical requirements on the aerospace sector will increase. Manufacturers of aircrafts and spacecrafts need to decrease the kerosene consumption to lower the environmental impact and the overall costs.

To achieve these aims, a reasonable approach is to apply high-temperature resistant materials. Apart from their high-temperature strength, such materials should exhibit exceptional creep resistance and corrosion resistance, so the hottest sections of engines and turbines can withstand the heat and are robust.

A lot of research is focusing on high-temperature resistant materials like Mo-Si-B-silicides and their coatings, super alloys and ultra-high-temperature ceramics.

The Glow Discharge Analyzer GDA 650 HR can accurately determine layers and interfaces of such materials. Coating thicknesses of only few nanometers and chemical compositions as well as concentration gradients of certain elements can be analyzed quickly and reliably. With a detection limit ranging from 0.1 to 10 ppm, the GDA 650 HR is also suitable for the measurement of trace amounts.

Analyses performed with the GDA 650 HR are time-saving, since one measurement takes only several minutes and no laborious and time-consuming sample preparation is required. Samples can be directly analyzed as received from the production. Moreover, the GDA 650 HR can be programmed to iden­tify certain desired conditions (e.g. maximum/minimum concentration or layer thickness) automatically. So measurements can be conducted quickly and effortlessly even by untrained operators.

In summary, the Glow Discharge Analyzer GDA 650 HR by Spectruma Analytik is the perfect instrument for fast and precise measurements of high-temperature resistant materials in the fields of research and production.

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