Dependable analyses for production monitoring



Materials testing with GDOES

Material properties influence the quality and performance of components in various application areas, such as chassis, powertrain, and complete vehicle development. The reliability of materials testing with precise analytical methods is crucial to determine layer thicknesses, layer composition, and chemical composition. As defects often only occur in the manufacturing process, regular and thorough production and quality controls are of great importance. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, therefore, benefit greatly from Spectruma®'s glow discharge spectrometers for their production control. With a measurement time of only a few minutes and the ability to analyze samples directly from production, any sample preparation effort is eliminated. Additionally, the instrument can be programmed in such a way that it can be easily operated even by untrained personnel.

Industry solutions

Our glow discharge spectrometers are indispensable instruments for production control, thanks to their reliable analytical performance and straightforward operability.

GDOES range of applications

  1. Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates, and complex alloys such as Inconel, Cronidur, etc.
  2. Measurement of concentrations and concentration gradients in the depth of elements
  3. Measurement of diffusion at interfaces
  4. Measurement of thickness of compound layers after heat treatments
  5. Measurement of thickness of ultrathin layers/thin layers in the nanometer range
  6. Determination of layer weight in g/m2 or mg/m2

The GDA range

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