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Brief description

Surface engineering encompasses various properties, such as electrical function, optical function, interfacial interaction, mechanical protection, and barrier function. Essential coating techniques include CVD, PVD, dip coating, electroplating, chromating, galvanizing, phosphating, tin plating, sol-gel processes, powder coating, buildup welding, and fluidized bed sintering. These techniques enhance and modify the surface properties of materials and components. Ensuring the coatings consistently meet required standards is crucial, regardless of the chosen technique. With our high-precision glow discharge spectrometers from Spectruma®, you can accurately analyze applied coatings, save time and resources, and obtain valuable insights to optimize the techniques used. Determine layer thickness and element distribution precisely to achieve desired coating properties. Accurate layer analysis ensures quality and reproducibility of coatings, helping you achieve outstanding results. Benefit from our GDOES spectrometers' precise analysis to enhance your surface engineering processes and achieve exceptional outcomes.

GDOES precise layer thickness analysis offers accurate information on element distribution, enabling targeted material modifications to improve their physical and chemical properties.

  1. High relative depth resolution (5-10% of the reached depth) in near-surface layers

  2. Precise detection of the chemical composition of layers and substrates

  3. Comprehensive detection of all elements of the periodic table, including H, Li, Na, C, N, P, and O

  4. Low detection limits between 0.1 and 10 ppm

  5. Fast measurements within minutes
  6. No sample preparation required, direct analysis from production possible

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