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WinGDOES 5.5 is now available! With even more features and improvements, our latest software version offers an even more efficient and user-friendly experience. Update now and take advantage of the new possibilities!

What's new?
The lack of driver support for quite some of our legacy spectrometers and components enabled us to implement some simplifications because the corresponding options could be dropped from the entire 5.x series. Besides numerous small improvements and enhancements in all parts of the application, the removal of no longer used programme functions, and the constant integration of new features supporting newly introduced or improved instrument components, there are the following outstanding features in the new version.

Compared to Version 5.4
Monochromator: The data obtained during scanning are preprocessed in order to enable a more reliable reprofiling.

Qualities Database: Data added for several Cu, Al, Ti and Mg alloys.

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