GDA 150 HR - Reliable and Powerful

The dependable instrument for daily quality control

150 HR

Enhanced Manufacturing Control

The GDOES spectrometer GDA 150 HR stands as a robust analytical instrument, ideal for both quality control and research purposes, built to operate continuously and efficiently, 24/7.

Highest level of accuracy

Precise measurement of ultrathin layer/thin film thickness and accurate determination of layer weight.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates and complex bulk materials.

GDA 150 HR

The GDA 150 HR was primarily designed to investigate conductive samples, and its analytical performance is nearly comparable to its larger counterpart, the GDA 650 HR. This robust and temperature-stabilized CCD spectrometer is optimized for depth profile and average analysis in the manufacturing sector, catering specifically to the requirements of small and medium-sized heat treatment and coating companies. It is suitable for all electrically conductive matrices and can even analyze light elements like C, N, and H (optionally also O).

With its straightforward operation and rapid analysis time, the GDA 150 HR allows for swift intervention in the production process to rectify any errors identified during measurements.

Areas of application

  1. Surface testing for diffusion processes.

  2. Depth profile analysis in manufacturing.

  3. Coating process investigation.

  4. Analysis of hard coatings.

  5. Evaluation of zinc coatings.

  6. Flexible channel selection.

  7. Measuring curved and unusually shaped samples.

  8. Full spectrum evaluation.
  9. Thorough spectral assessment.

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