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GDA Alpha

GDA Alpha

The GDA-Alpha benchtop instrument garners attention through a compelling combination of cutting-edge technical developments and a compact, appealing size. These new advancements make it an innovative glow discharge spectrometer suitable for a wide range of applications.

Highest level of accuracy

Precise measurement of ultrathin layer/thin film thickness and weight.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates, and complex bulk materials.

GDA Alpha

The GDA-Alpha is a space-saving device equipped with Spectruma's highest resolution CCD optics, enabling it to cater to a broad range of applications. Thanks to continuous innovation, users benefit from a cost-optimized instrument that embodies the quality craftsmanship synonymous with German engineering. The GDA-Alpha is ideally suited for industrial applications, including production control, quality assurance, and incoming goods inspection.

Efficient and user-friendly, the GDA-Alpha can seamlessly integrate into its users' operations without requiring any additional extensions.

Areas of application

  1. Surface testing after diffusion processes.

  2. Depth profile analysis in the manufacturing area.

  3. Investigation of coating processes.

  4. Analysis of hard coatings.

  5. Evaluation of zinc coatings.

  6. Flexibility in channel selection.

  7. Measurement of curved and even unusually shaped samples.

  8. Complete spectra evaluation.
  9. Easy extension of analytical methods.

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