Coating Thickness Determination

Are you in search of ways to improve the quality of your products or to achieve specific improvements in the properties of your materials? Let go of conventional analysis and usher in a new era of precision with custom configured glow discharge spectrometers from Spectruma®! Harness the incredible power of glow discharge spectroscopy, or GDOES, and revolutionise your materials analysis. With GDOES you can analyse thin to ultra-thin layers in the nanometre range as well as technical layers with thicknesses exceeding 100 μm - all with unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility. Providing near-non-destructive, high-precision film thickness measurements, our GDOES spectrometers offer a quantum leap in the quality and efficiency of your components. Whether you're on a mission to fine-tune and evaluate coatings or on a journey to reshape the very nature of your materials, GDOES is ready to meet your unique needs. Contact us today and unlock the full potential of our advanced technology, ready to set your innovations in motion!

Highest level of accuracy

Measurement of the thickness of ultrathin layers/thin films and determination of the weight of layers.

Bulk analyis

Measurement of the chemical composition of coatings, substrates and complex bulk materials.

Achieve precise layer-by-layer analysis: Essential for your production processes.

  1. Accurate measurement of layer thicknesses in various solid materials.
  2. Analysis of thin to ultrathin layers in the nanometer range.
  3. Investigation of the layer structure and precise characterization of the layers.
  4. Optimization of product quality and production efficiency.
  5. Easy operation with programmable software that automatically detects desired conditions.
  6. No sample preparation required, enabling direct analysis from production.

The GDA range

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